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To farmhouse or not … that is the question

To farmhouse or not to farmhouse? I mean, the answer to this question seemed obvious to me at first, of course. What’s not to love about the vintage charm, the nice neutral color pallets that are super soothing, and the simple yet amazing detail. Admittedly, I probably don’t have a purists view of what a “real” farmhouse is, but I think open shelving, white paint, distressed wood, old furniture and vintage pieces mixed with modern.


Images via Decoholic

I’m totally sold on black or slate walls, but I don’t know what room to put them in.


images via lizmarieblog

In my quest to buy my first home, I first looked in the city I grew up in. About 45 minutes south of Portland, Salem is the capital of Oregon. It’s actually commuteable (I just made that word up), but I planned on looking for a job closer once I found something and closed down there. There were lots of reasons to move back to Salem. Mainly, my family lives in Salem and as I’ve gotten older I’ve kinda found myself drawn to their brand of crazy a little more each year. Also, bonus, houses are a lot cheaper in Marion county than Washington county … where I currently reside.

Washington county is the home of Nike and Intel so the market is super hot and bidding wars are commonplace. Townhomes and starters go for $225-250k. This is a lot higher than I really wanted to spend for something I was not absolutely in love with so moving back was really a no brainer.

Now, like I said before farmhouses appeal to me, but really any older home with random details is somewhere I want to be.  Before we go any farther I need to tell you that I was in contract on two homes that fell through during inspection before I got to where I am with this third and (hopefully) final contract. The first was an adorable Cape Cod with four bedrooms, a formal dining room and a huge yard … perfect for a garden. I should’ve known to walk away when I first noticed the slant in the floor near the bathroom, but I’m stubborn so I went through with the offer.



I literally decorated and upgraded this whole house in my head. Lesson learned, it’s not your house until you get the keys.

Second was a 103 year old craftsman-ish in my target neighborhood with four bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a nice yard … so a small garden, ok I could work with that. I was in love with this house to say the least. I mean, doesn’t it look like a farmhouse? It was on a quiet tree lined street right near downtown Salem. But alas, the inspection came back with some issues that scared me so this one didn’t work out either.



In the meantime, I randomly scored a new job in downtown Portland. Better pay, better opportunity and better location. So I guess everything really does happen for a reason, but I was still looking for a home. I put a full price offer in on a 3 bedroom located in a planned community in Washington county that was ultimately rejected. I expanded my search to Multnomah county and found a foreclosure at my max budget that had been on the market for a month with no offers. Long story short, I got into a bidding war and won!

This house is a four bedroom with two and a half bathrooms plus a loft in a planned community. Tiny lot, no real gardening … so that’s a total bummer, but we’re going to try to get creative on that patio! This house is only 10 years old so there is no real charm there. In my mind, upgrading an essentially new property to look old just seems counter intuitive, but this is the basis of my question.  Here I would like to share the photo of my house from, but I recently found out about something called reverse image lookup .  I’m not 100% sure how that works, but I do know if you retrieve an image from online it can take you back to the original source.


4 thoughts on “To farmhouse or not … that is the question

    1. I signed papers yesterday!!! Still probably won’t get keys until early next week because the bank guy is a little behind, but we can’t wait to get in there and make it ours.


  1. I wish you were still doing your blog. I find it “real”. It is informative and silly at times. I have a 1980’s triple wide Mobilehome. It is over 1600 Sq ft. It has 2 bdrms and 2 ba. We are looking to redo the floors in the entire house. Which brings me to how I found you; Lowe’s reviews for the vinyl plank flooring. I hope you are well and still plugging along with your Farmhouse.

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    1. Hi Barbara, I am gearing up to start doing posts again. After getting into the house, changing jobs (again) and having a (benign, thankfully) lump found in my breast I just didn’t have the drive or energy to do projects or blog. I’ve started doing stuff around the house again in earnest because I never even had a house warming and I’m planning a Christmas party so friends can come check out the digs. Please check back and let me know if you have any topics you want me to talk about. BTW, almost a year later and I still recommend the flooring. Also, recently met a contractor at Lowe’s who was putting it down in their clients home and is also a fan. 🙂


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