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Choosing kitchen appliances – form vs function

When buying new appliances, anything really, what’s the most important feature to you? Form, function or even price? If you’re an average Jane like myself … or my sister, no, that really is her name … it’s probably some mixture of the three.

The new kitchen is a small galley. It’s glorified by the fact it opens up right into the living room with the only separation being the island. I’ve got to be honest, I know this is a sought after feature in homes and as we’ve all heard once if not a million times, “kitchens sell homes”, but this is not what I found myself looking for in a home. In the end it will be well utilized and well loved, but the more separate kitchens I saw in those old homes were the stuff of dreams.

On to the point. I have some great ideas as to how I want the kitchen to look … eventually, but for now we actually need to cook. As I’ve mentioned before the house was a foreclosure. Since this is my first home I’m not super versed on what that means exactly when it comes to appliances, but this place had none.

Here, I want to give a little unsolicited advice. In the agreement, the bank agreed to put a range in if it was called by the appraiser … which of course it was. Later he decided that what he actually meant was that he would deduct the cost of the stove from the seller paid closing. This was his form of “negotiation”.  If any of you go through something similar with a seller agreeing to put something in, be very clear what that means.

So, needless to say, since I am essentially paying for the range myself I made sure I got exactly what I wanted. I like to cook (recipes to come), but I wasn’t sure if I should get a gas or an electric stove … the place had an option for either. Without much ado I went with gas.

This beauty is a Samsung five burner that comes with a griddle for the oversized middle burner and a self-cleaning convection oven. The oven feature was important because in actual comparison reviews, one con was uneven heat in the oven so that shortcoming is taken care of.

In this case form definitely won out because I am pretty much terrified of a gas explosion and am going to have to really work on finding a man in case the pilot light goes out because I’m just not going to have the nerve to light that sucker back up. But that thing looks pretty!

Range - sidy by side


I have to be honest here. I did not do a lot of research on the brand or the appliances. I checked out the best sales – pre black Friday, and went with the best of what was available on the cheap. This turned out to be Home Depot. A girl has to pinch pennies where she can. I’ll try to remember to review in six months or a year.

On to the dishwasher – Samsung of course, because who wants a suite of mismatched appliances when you’re forced to buy all new anyway?

I picked this beauty.

Dishwasher - side by side


One would think that a dishwasher is a dishwasher … one would be incorrect. Front control meant sleek, no handle. That was nice, but to be super matchy matchy with the fridge, the handle made more sense. So, that meant it was top control. Now back to my cheap streak, the front control was $100 cheaper so I actually decided to go that way until I realized it didn’t come with a delay option. Even though both models claimed they’re “super quiet” I just like to put the dinner dishes in and set that thing for four to six hours out and let it wash over night. So, I’m going with the top control, with handle that matches the fridge and most importantly the delayed start function.

Clearly function won this round.

Last is the fridge. I’m not a professional decorator, but I like beautiful spaces and I’m a prolific pinner (follow me here).  I mention this part because I am faced with a design dilemma. Counter depth or standard, this is a clear argument of form vs function.

Firstly, I’m short (5’1” < – –  and a half, but whose counting) and bending down to get into the belly of the standard fridge even for me is one of the most annoying tasks in the entire kitchen. So, French doors are the way to go in my book. The side by sides look cool, but have you ever actually tried to get stuff in and out of the freezer of those bad boys? NOT FUN!

Let me show you what I would’ve gotten had I not been on the modest budget I’m working with.

big fridge


This baby is actually about $1500 more (yes, even on sale) than the two I am actually going to choose from. Ok, really the two things I love about this fridge are one, that it’s counter depth and two … that middle drawer. I don’t know what you put in there, I’ve seen cold cuts and wine or drinks mostly. In any event, it’s snazzy as hell. I don’t actually care for the ice and water dispenser (they are not sleek and break often from what I’ve seen a friend go through), but I did not see an option with the drawer that did not also have that damn dispenser < – –  probably why it’s so expensive. Having that also takes away from actual food storage space. Too bad so sad, it’s out of my league anyway.

So, the real question is counter depth which just looks more custom (in my opinion) and makes the place just that much sleeker, but sadly loses me about 8 cu. ft of storage space. Or, go for the standard and have it stick out about 8’ farther than the counter. This is a very normal thing, happens in almost every home you’ve probably seen … but it’s not as pretty as being flush with the counter.

This is what the fridge looks like – both of them. They are both the same price (in store), but incidentally the counter depth is $300 more online. I’ll let you know which won when I figure it out … in store, on black Friday.





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